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Hallway  are one of most important elements of an event, as they move guests from one area to another while creating a gallery of surprises.

For the love of flower, here we bring you a floral tunnel inspiration for your indoor wedding celebration! 

JES07542 copy.jpg

We all know how important it is to set the mood for a romantic wedding! Lighting plays a huge part in creating an intimate, cosy and dreamy feel for your Big Day. The reality is that you don’t need much to make a huge impact when it comes to lighting. In particular, fairy lights are incredibly romantic, affordable and easy to incorporate into your wedding. These sparkly details go a long way, so if you’re looking to include fairy lights in your wedding, keep on reading!


The combination of foliage with fairy lights & bulbs is always a great idea. And here's a heavenly wedding corridor decor that's sure to swoon your guests.

_JAN7744 copy.jpg